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YAZBECK 7mm Thermoflex Socks – Black


Known for their warmth and comfort the YAZBECK 7mm Thermoflex socks are the perfect blend of simplicity and technology. All in all, these supple, warm and incredibly comfortable socks will have you diving longer through those colder days. Lined with a durable outer lycra layer and built for cold water environments.

Our extremities are what get coldest the the quickest in our cold water diving environments. As long as you keep them warm you’ll prolong your dives!

The Yazbeck 7mm Thermoflex socks’ thickness is perfect for those who run a little colder or those that want to push ‘deep’ into the winter months.

  • 7.0mm Yamamoto Grade #39 100% CR Neoprene
  • Laminated with Impermeaflex™
  • Durable Black Lycra Exterior
  • Interior is lined with NanopreneShield™ Silver Titanium lining for durability, ease of donning, thermo-reflecting and anti-bacterial properties.

Pro Tip! Keep your socks lasting longer for you by protecting them with an EVA foam type sandal or shoe before entering the water!

Keep your hands as warm as your feet and get a pair of YAZBECK Thermoflex gloves to get wet with too. On the whole you won’t regret being warm head to toe with Yazbeck Wetsuits neoprene options!

Freediving and spearfishing is always more fun when you’re warm!

NOTE: If you are already maxing out your foot pocket, beware that a 7mm sock may push you into the next foot pocket size up. In short, they are thick and contribute to the overall size. Because of this sizing may be affected on that threshold.

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