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YAZBECK 7mm Nohu Wetsuit


The Yazbeck 7mm Nohu wetsuit keeps you visible at the surface but camouflaged at depth as the red fades out of the colour spectrum. Stay warm and comfortable in the water longer with this premium spearfishing suit from Yazbeck. We’ve put these through the ringer and they’ve stood the test in performance all-round.

With the Yazbeck 7mm Nohu wetsuit you can enjoy year round diving in our frigid waters without sacrificing enjoyment. One of the most important pieces to cold water diving is staying warm. Investing in a quality suit to keep warm will go a long way in your freediving. By keeping warm you will prolong your dive times and dive sessions. As a result you’ll increase your enjoyment of the sport. We don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want to enjoy their time in the water more as a result of being more comfortable.

Pair the suit with Yazbeck Thermoflex socks and gloves to get fully kitted to tackle the Canadian cold!

Freediving and spearfishing is always more fun when you’re warm!


  • Impermeaflex™ Lamination
  • High waistband trousers
  • 7.0mm Yamamoto #39 100% “Green” CR Neoprene
  • Abyss Black Titanium NanoPreneShield lining on Open/Split Cell
  • The elbows, knees and seat area of the jacket are screened Polyurethane Inkdots for durability
  • Seals around face, wrists and ankle openings
  • Twin Yazbeck Locking Clips on Beaver Tail
  • Built-in 7mm thick slip-free loading pad
  • Cross Seam GlueDot and Kevdot Details
  • Blind stitching

On the whole you won’t regret being warm head to toe with Yazbeck Wetsuits neoprene options!

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