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YAZBECK 5.5mm Hamour Wetsuit – Titanium Lined


The Yazbeck 5.5mm Hamour wetsuit is a popular choice for our local waters. The Hamour has the perfect blend of function and fashion. As a result, it’s unique scorpion fish pattern helps you blend into almost any habitat.

The Yazbeck 5.5mm Hamour wetsuit has been fitted with a special 10mm thick chest-loading pad which reaches to the bottom of the jacket. In turn, this design allows for ease of loading of any size spear-gun in any position.

Dive lighter and ditch some lead by wearing a little less neoprene. Everyone should have a 5mm in their quiver to optimize their diving. All in all the added flexibility of a thinner suit and being able to ditch some lead greatly improves ones diving.

Investing in a quality suit to keep warm will go a long way in your freediving. By keeping warm you will prolong your dive times and dive sessions. As a result you’ll increase your enjoyment of the sport. We don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want to enjoy their time in the water more as a result of being more comfortable.

If you’re someone who runs cold or want a suit you can use thorough the depths of winter consider going with a Yazbeck 7mm wetsuit. We’ve put these wetsuits through the paces and they always get the job done.

Pair the suit with Yazbeck Thermoflex socks and gloves to get fully kitted to tackle the Canadian Cold!

Freediving and spearfishing is always more fun when you’re warm!


  • Impermeaflex™ Lamination
  • 5.5mm Yamamoto #39 100% “Green” CR Neoprene
  • NanoPreneShield Lining on Open/Split Cell
  • Extra thick and tall Chest Loading Pad
  • Added durability to elbow and knee areas
  • Twin Yazbeck Locking Clips on Beaver Tail
  • Unisex Sizing
  • Blind stitching
  • Zipless Hooded jacket
  • Built-in hood with face seal
  • Cross Seam GlueDot and Kevdot Details

On the whole you won’t regret being warm head to toe with Yazbeck Wetsuits neoprene options!

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