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WAIHANA 7.5mm Womens Wetsuits – Goliath Grouper


The Waihana 7.5mm Womens Wetsuits in Goliath Grouper is functional and subtle. Don’t let its subtlety fool you though, this suit still pops in the water with all the right gold accents. Whether it be for Freediving or Spearfishing this suit will keep you warm and have you looking deadly while you’re donning it. Durability, warmth, and fashionable… What more could you ask for in a suit?

The Goliath Grouper pattern with gold accents will have you blending in to any habitat. The gold accents pop and make you more visible to your buddies while diving. The titanium dioxide lining makes sliding on this suit as easy as it gets.  Once you have the Waihana 7.5mm Womens Wetsuits in your hands it’s apparent the thought and detail that’s gone into this suit.


  • Hooded jacket
  • 7mm chest loading pad
  • Titanium dioxide lining
  • Preformed arms for ultimate fitt/comfort
  • Glue-reinforced stitching on elbows, chestpad, and whistle pocket
  • Emergency Whistle with integrated pocket
  • Protective screens on chestpad, elbows and seat area
  • Double closure clips on beavertail
  • Smoothskin seals around wrists
  • 4″ or 10cm Superskin seal around the waist
  • Smoothskin seals around ankles
  • Protective screen on knees

Grab yourself some gloves or socks to go with your suit and keep yourself warm head to toe!

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