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WAIHANA 5.5mm Essentials Gloves


WAIHANA 5.5mm Essentials Gloves are simple and durable. Closed cell neoprene design with the use of super stretch lining is what brings this glove together. As a result they provide that blend of extra durability with functionality. The super stretch lining is combined with heat-tape reinforced outerseams and silicone ink reinforced palms to add to the overall durability.

Our extremities are what get coldest the quickest in our cold water diving environments. Once they start getting cold it’s hard to come back from during a dive. Investing in quality neoprene will go a long way with your diving in cold water.

Pair the Waihana 5.5mm Essentials Gloves with socks from their essentials line. Keep it it simple and keep it functional.

Freediving and spearfishing is always more fun when you’re warm!

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