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RIFFE Vinyl Floatline (BLUE)


Your RIFFE Vinyl Floatline is an integral part to a safe diving kit in bad visibility. Make yourself more visible to your dive buddies while you’re diving by using a Float and Floatline combination with your speargun.

With the scope of your RIFFE Vinyl Floatline pointing in the direction to which the diver below has gone the surface safety has a much better idea of the divers exact whereabouts. The floatline also gives the diver the ability to drop their gear at any point. Not having to worry about retrieving your gear until you’ve fully recovered and are ready to make another dive promotes safe freediving. Floatlines can also used to mark objects below for the next diver to go down and check out. With all the functionality a float line provides and the added level of safety it brings to ones kit, these items are a fantastic investment.

  • Blue Vinyl Floatline
  • Vinyl floatline with a 680 lb (308kg) test Nylon core
  • (2) Quick Clips, (2) Shackles, (2) Swivels
  • Made in the USA

Pair any RIFFE Vinyl Floatline with a FLOAT and get diving safely.

Spearfishing Canada is proud to have Riffe International as a brand we carry and sell.

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