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RIFFE Standard Dive Knife


The RIFFE Standard Dive Knife is a staple for freedivers and spearfishers alike. It’s got everything you need in a knife and line cutter for the right. Your weapon of choice for cutting line, braining fish, harvesting seaweeds, popping urchins with ease and easily sneaking in to cut open the scallops. Long enough to do anything you throw at it but compact enough that it wears nice and doesn’t affect hydrodynamics. The RIFFE Standard Dive Knife is a great knife to get you in the water harvesting, spearfishing and freediving safely.

Formed from 420 heat treated stainless steel blade making it capable of cutting through stainless steel cable, monofilament, and High-Tech line. All Riffe knives are Teflon coated for corrosion resistance prolonging the life of your knife. The orange safety handle makes it highly visible and easy to find.

* Standard

We highly recommend placing this dive knife on your belt. Leg straps are available however consider making yourself more streamline and throw it on your belt and make it more easily accessible on your person in the event of an emergency.

In the Box – Sheath, Knife Keeper, Rubber leg straps

Blade Length: 4.5″
Overall Length: 8.5″

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Spearfishing Canada is proud to have Riffe International as a brand we carry and sell.

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