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RIFFE Rubber Weight Belt (Blue Nylon Buckle)


The RIFFE Rubber Weight Belt is a great weight belt at an affordable price point for those starting out. The stretchable rubber is key if you want to freedive comfortably. With your wetsuit compressing as you dive to depth it’s important that your belt has stretch to compensate for the compression of your suit. The flexibility of a rubber belt allows for a snug fit ensuring the weight belt doesn’t slip up across your chest. This Riffe Rubber Weight Belt will get the job done.

The inner horizontal ribbing prevents shifting while diving and the anti-corrosive glass filled Nylon cam-lock buckle is an excellent quick release. Weight capacity of this belt is 20 lbs. At 54″ (137cm) long the belt may be cut to length to fit.

Weight belt Tips:

Do not cut your weight belt until you’ve got yourself properly weighted for your most buoyant environment with your thickest suit. Nobody wants to cut their weight belt too short!

The weight on your weight belt ought to be evenly distributed. When purchasing your WEIGHT/LEAD it’s important to consider the increments of lead you’ll utilize. Proper weighting for freediving is a learned skill and is taught in any reputable freediving course framework.  Overweighting kills. We recommend taking a freediving course to anyone getting in the water.

Spearfishing Canada is proud to have Riffe International as a brand we carry and sell.

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