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RIFFE Frameless Mask


The Riffe Frameless Mask provides you with the peripheral you’re after to spot it all underwater. The better peripheral that the single lens design of the Riffe Frameless Mask gives you comes from a slight trade off in volume. As such, we recommend this mask for those diving in that 10m-15m range.

All RIFFE masks are made of heat treated silicone rubber to reduce fogging. Durable Nylon frame for superior strength where the plastic and silicone mold are of the highest quality and is evident when handling the mask.

Lens Options: CLEAR (Standard) or Amber (for increased light, higher contrast and better separation in low visibility)

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Mask fit is one of those challenges that every freediver runs into while getting into the sport. By the time you’ve been freediving for a couple years you’ll have probably been through a few masks trying different fits out. You won’t really know how a mask fits until you take it in the water. To get the best fit  select a mask that looks most like your face profile. Be thoughtful about your nose and brow in this process.

Note* Masks need to be prepped for use in the water to avoid having the mask fog up.

Spearfishing Canada is proud to have Riffe International as a brand we carry and sell.

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