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RIFFE DigiTek DiveR Fins


RIFFE has partnered with renowned top of the line fin blade manufacturer DiveR to produce these weapons of choice. The RIFFE DigiTek DiveR Fins feature a custom epoxy resin system and aerospace grade fabrics to produce a fin that transfers load progressively from heel to toe. Fiberglass/composite blades are produced with a “soft” hardness for optimum performance. The blades are paired with the super supple and comfortable RIFFE Veloc foot pockets. Lightweight and comfortable these fins are available in a variety of sizes for the perfect fit.

The RIFFE DigiTek DiveR Fins are compatible with Omer stingray, Mares Razor and Salvimar foot pockets. Pathos and Beuchat with slight modifications to fin tendon.

No freediving fin setup is complete without a pair of RIFFE FIN KEEPERS. A better foot connection will create better energy and power transfer through each of your kicks. We can’t stress enough how much fin keepers will benefit you with this power transfer of your kicks ultimately allowing you to conserve oxygen for a longer dive.

When selecting your RIFFE foot pockets consider the thickness of your socks and the size/build of your foot. If you have a wider foot and you’re in the top 25% of the size range of the foot pocket we recommend you consider going up the size when using 5mm or 7mm socks. Foot pockets can be stretched/packed out. We recommend considering going for that snug fit and packing out your foot pockets should sizing allow. If you have any questions about fit at all please email us at hello@spearfishingcanada.com

Available sizes:  2-3 (36/37),  4-5 (38/39), 6-7 (40/41), 8-9 (42/43), 10-11 (44/45),  12-13 (46/47)

Warranty invalid if damage caused by misuse. Examples: jumping off boat with direct water impact, hitting propeller with fins, walking on rocks. Walking backwards towards ocean is recommended.

Spearfishing Canada is proud to have Riffe International as a brand we carry and sell.

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