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PVC Coated Dive Weights (Neon Pink)


These PVC Coated Dive Weights in this classic shape and design are functional and stylish at the same time. Weight yourself without the hassle of raw uncoated lead. Avoid leaving lead scuff marks around by decking your belt out with these durable coated lead options. Available in Black, Blue and Neon Pink colour pathways with 1, 2, and 3 lbs increments. Black for those freedivers that are going for something a little more subtle, blue for those that are looking for a little more style and flare and Neon Pink for those that want to stand out or add one for their buddy to be able to spot you at depth easier.

The classic shape of these PVC Coated Dive Weights to serve the purpose at hand. With a double pass through you can be assured that once positioned on your rubber weight belt, the weights will stay in place.

Locally manufactured for Spearfishing Canada in British Columbia.

Grab a WEIGHT BELT from our selection to load your lead up on.

The weight on your weight belt ought to be evenly distributed. When purchasing your WEIGHT/LEAD it’s important to consider the increments of lead you’ll utilize. Proper weighting for freediving is a learned skill and is taught in any reputable freediving course framework.  Overweighting kills. We recommend taking a freediving course to anyone getting in the water.

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