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Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest (Book)


Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest: A Photographic Encyclopedia of Invertebrates, Seaweeds and Selected Fishes. This book is the most comprehensive collection of photographs of Pacific Northwest marine life ever published. With 1,700 superb colour photographs of over 1,400 species it is designed to allow the reader to recognize virtually any coastal organism that might be encountered from southern Alaska to southern Oregon. From sea lettuces and feather boa kelp through to the leopard ribbon worm to the Pacific red octopus, spiny-thigh sea spider and gutless awning-clam. Each species is identified with photographs and includes a description with information on range, habitat, appearance and behaviour.

Andy Lamb and Bernard Hanby have spent most of their lifetimes studying and recording Pacific Northwest marine life and have completed over 4,000 scuba dives between them. Some of the species included in this volume have never been featured in print before. Colour-coded for quick reference and including a glossary and full index, Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest is a must-have for serious biologists, scuba divers, beachcombers or anyone interested in marine life and beautiful underwater photography.

Finalist for 2006 BC Booksellers’ Choice Award In Honour Of Bill Duthie

Title: Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest
Authors: Andy Lamb and Bernard P. Hanby
Publisher: Harbour Publishing

Importance of Books and Field Guides for all (Especially Harvesters and Spearfishers):

Having local species knowledge of the creatures within the waters we explore and an understanding of the local environments we visit allows us a greater experience beneath the surface. Be it for freediving, snorkelling, spearfishing or scuba diving reasons, anyone can benefit from the knowledge in these books and field guides in supporting the enjoyment of your next underwater adventure.

As Freedive-Harvesters and Spearfishers it’s important to remember the importance and power that knowledge gives you. Knowing your target species. Knowing how to differentiate species. Understanding species life cycles and the relationships they have with the environments in which they live. All of these pieces of information are the base and foundation of the knowledge a true Sustainable and Ethical Harvester possesses.


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