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JBL Torpedo HiViz Float


The JBL Torpedo HiViz Float is a great float option for your freediving and spearfishing needs. Constructed of 420 denier Hi-Viz green nylon, this float can take anything you dish out. Those mussel lined rocks and rough days in the water won’t bother it one bit. 40” long and 9” wide featuring a tapered nose and stainless “D” ring for easy towing.  The bottom weight pouch allows you to ballast your float for functional use. Equipped with an easy to use oral inflator allows for easy storage and quick inflation of the JBL Torpedo HiViz Float.

  • Lift capacity is 80lbs.
  • Dive flag sold separately (15”x13” fiberglass pole.)
  • Colour: Neon Yellow

Pair this float with a FLOATLINE for easy management while in the water.

Spearfishing Canada is proud to have JBL SPEARGUNS as a brand we carry and sell.


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