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JBL Seeker Mask


The JBL Seeker Mask and its frameless design allows for optimum comfort over a large variety of different facial profiles. With its large field of view you will have no problem seeking out and honing in on your prey = while still being a true low-volume mask. The JBL Seeker Mask and its tempered glass lens features anti-fog technology for crystal clarity at all times.

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Mask fit is one of those challenges that every freediver runs into while getting into the sport. By the time you’ve been freediving for a couple years you’ll have probably been through a few masks trying different fits out. You won’t really know how a mask fits until you take it in the water. To get the best fit  select a mask that looks most like your face profile. Be thoughtful about your nose and brow in this process.

Note* Masks need to be prepped for use in the water to avoid having the mask fog up.

Spearfishing Canada is proud to have JBL SPEARGUNS as a brand we carry and sell.

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