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JBL Magnum


Length: 56

Magnum Series Features:
⦁ 1 1/8″ overbuilt aircraft grade aluminum barrel for speedy target acquisition
⦁ Integrated shaft rail – Ultimate accuracy
⦁ Stainless steel sear
⦁ 5/16” heat treated stainless steel spearshaft with 6mm threads
⦁ Heat treated spinning double barbed spearhead
⦁ Two 5/8” Nitro Bands
⦁ Closed muzzle with slide ring for easy reloading
⦁ Integrated barrel float chamber – Speargun floats without spearshaft
⦁ 7” gun butt for easy loading
⦁ Integrated mount for reel and other accessories
⦁ Steel reinforced muzzle eyelet for reel line
⦁ Ambidextrous safety and line release
⦁ Ergonomic handle
⦁ American Made

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