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JBL 6′ Travel Polespear – Aluminum


The Jbl 6′ Travel Polespear lives up to its name with its build and its ability to put fish on the table. The functional and portable design allows you to pack down for travel and make the transit between locations or dive sites easy.

Perfect for hike in hunting, easy stowing on the boat or in the vehicle and ideal for air travel the JBL 6′ Travel Polespear is your perfect travel companion that puts fish tacos on the table.

Polespears are an incredible way to get into spearfishing at an affordable price point. Hunting with a polespear teaches the hunter the patience required to more proficiently close the gap with their intended target. Body language and technique is all tested with a pole spear and the final out come with perseverance is the product of a better hunter.

Made from aircraft grade aluminum and featuring a tapered front section and precision machined thread unions. The result of this design is a polespear that’s responsive, hydrodynamic, and so seamless that it feels like a single piece. Adjust your polespear’s length for the specific hunt by adding or subtracting sections. Each polespear comes with barbed paralyzer and rock point spearhead and rolls up in a compact travel bag for on-the-go diving. They’re the ideal polespear for travelers, hunters, or anyone tight on space.


  • 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum construction – Length: 6 ft – 3 piece aluminum
  • 6mm spearhead threads
  • Precision machined unions, Machine swaged tapered front
  • Adjustable length
  • Nitro Band
  • Travel case
  • Barbed paralyzer spearhead & Rock point spearhead included
  • Made in USA

Tips and Uses:

  • Barbed Paralyzer (3 prong) recommended for small fish – (Greenling, Sole etc..)
  • Slip tip recommended for average to larger fish with its better holding power (Lingcod, Rockfish, Halibut…)
  • Flopper tip recommended for ease of reloading and average fish. (Rockfish, Lingcod, Flounder…)

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