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JBL 6′ Abaco Polespear – Composite


The JBL 6′ Abaco Polespear is a composite polespear that can put fish on the table in any hunting condition.

Polespears are an incredible way to get into spearfishing at an affordable price point. Hunting with a polespear teaches the hunter the patience required to more proficiently close the gap with their intended target. Body language and technique is all tested with a pole spear and the final out come with perseverance is the product of a better hunter.

The JBL 6′ Abaco Polespear is built to be stiff, light, and hit hard! Its composite body provides minimal flex under load, allowing you to focus on your hunt.


  • Single Piece
  • Ultra-stiff composite construction
  • 6mm threads
  • Available in 5′ and 6′ length
  • High modulus Nitro Band

NOT SOLD WITH TIP – You will need to choose a SPEAR TIP with 6mm threading that suits your needs. There’s a tool for each job.

  • Barbed Paralyzer (3 prong) recommended for small fish – (Greenling, Sole etc..)
  • Slip tip recommended for average to larger fish with its better holding power (Lingcod, Rockfish, Halibut…)
  • Flopper tip recommended for ease of reloading and average fish. (Rockfish, Lingcod, Flounder…)

If you’re looking for something a little more portable, consider checking out the travel polespears available on the site!

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