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GATKU Slip-tip Dyneema Head


The GATKU Slip-tip Dyneema Head is your ‘get the job done’ head. Designed for landing larger target fish that otherwise would maybe be strong enough to use the leverage force of your gear to tear themselves free. Great for Lingcod, Rockfish and other fish species that would put more stress on your gear and on themselves in turn.
The GATKU Slip-tip Dyneema Head is a durable 14″ shaft teamed with a sleek and simplistic designed tip. We are confident it will serve you well. Ships with easy-detach rigging so you can have the benefit of a slip tip without the hassle of getting your tip back from your prey. The Dynema® slip line is embedded into the stainless tip that leaves the smallest hole possible in your fish.
Add this as a one of your go to tips to any GATKU polespear or DinnerGetter package.

Made from 5/16″ hardened stainless steel that rides on a 9/32″ shaft. Thread type is 3/8″ – 24

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