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GATKU Signature Paralyzer Head


The GATKU Signature Paralyzer Head is a classic that every spearo should have in their polespear kit. Great for greenling, average sized rockfish, soles, flounders and many other smaller species this is a very versatile tip for the PNW.
Add this as a one of your go to tips to any GATKU polespear or DinnerGetter package.
The GATKU Signature Paralyzer Head is designed with tines that are mounted in a parallel position to maximize spring force when they puncture a fish. Most Spearos spread tines out by hand to a nickel or quarter diameter to help the spring action (the mechanism behind a paralyzer that successfully lands fish) start upon penetration of a fish.

With hardened 17-4 Stainless Steel Prongs this head is 14″ long and has a thread type 3/8″ – 24.

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