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GATKU Polespear Seven’er 2piece


The GATKU Polespear Seven’er 2piece is a solid as solid a build as it is a performer. Pair this lethal polespear with the inshore shrinker and you’ve got a polespear for just about every occasion with a few twists of the hand. Use in conditions such as inshore diving, reefs, low visibility and hole hunting applications.

The GATKU Polespear Seven’er 2piece 1/2″ diameter pole breaks down into two sections with an all aluminum rear section and carbon graphite front end section.

Rear aluminum section: 36″
Front carbon graphite section: 36″

Includes 1 standard band.
*Heads are sold separately with your choice of Barbed Paralyzer, Flopper or Slip-tip

In stock

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