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Gatku Polespear EIGHT’ER 3piece


The GATKU polespear EIGHT’ER 3piece is as versatile as it gets for the PNW. Pair this lethal polespear with the inshore shrinker and you’ve got a polespear for just about every occasion. 

This 1/2” diameter pole spear is an optimal travel companion that breaks down into three sections, all approximately 30” long. This spear will fit in many standard full-size suitcase.

The GATKU polespear EIGHT’ER 3piece includes 1 standard band is composed of a 30″ rear, mid, and front sections are modular with other Gatku fronts and backs, plus will work great with InshoreShrinker, and OffshoreStriker.

30” Rear section – solid 1/2” aluminum
30” Mid section – solid 5/8” aluminum
30” Hybrid front – aluminum and carbon-graphite
*Heads are sold separately with your choice of Barbed Paralyzer, Flopper or Slip-tip

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