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GATKU Lionfish Polespear Package


The GATKU Lionfish Polespear Package, or as we like to call it “Greenling Whispering Wand” is a compact, easy to manuever and unassuming little fish wrangling titan.  This setup runs s a 30″ rear with GATKU’s new solid aluminum BabyShrinker front-end (4”) and our Barbed Paralyzer head and 1 standard band.  This setup comes in at a 48″ overall length and is perfect for easy diving and taking on fish in holes and at close range. This setup can be extended with other GATKU ends and components to add to its versatility when the viz opens up, while hunting in the open or when a little more punch is needed!

1 Barbed Paralyzer tip
1 Standard Band

Rear section: 30″ all aluminum

Round out the GATKU Lionfish Package with a flopper head or even a slip tip for going after those bigger targets!

Upgrade for a little more punch with loads a versatility and go for the DinnerGetter’ package with an inshore shrinker.

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