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GATKU Inshore Shrinker


The GATKU Inshore Shrinker is the key to having the power of diversity and choice at your finger tips while out on the hunt in one sleek package. Having the GATKU Inshore Shrinker in your tool box allows you to use the same rear end with the same tips from your current Gatku setup while cutting out the added length of the front end setting you up for success in all conditions and terrain.
Use the added length of your full setup for good viz days and open hunting terrain or throw the shrinker in the mix for hole hunting and bad viz and make your hunts more effortless with the shorter polespear you can now wield.

14” Aluminum segment designed to ‘shrink’ your hybrid polespear by as much as 29”. It comes covered in Gatku‘s signature shrink wrap grip and is compatible with all G2 hybrid lengths.

This newly developed front end replacement removes the extra length of pole when you don’t need it. Within seconds, change out your front end to adapt from open water hunting to close encounters on the reef.

Made in USA

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