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GATKU G78 Polespear Bag


The GATKU G78 Polespear Bag will keep your polespear kit organized and ready for action. This 50″ pole spear bag is designed for GATKU’s 7’ER, 8’ER 2pc and 3pc pole spears (or any polespears/spearguns under 50″). At 50″ long, 7″ wide and 3″ tall this bag is compact yet has super versatile applications. Durability and strength of this GATKU design comes from a proprietary material that GATKU genetically engineered from hybridized samples of Chuck Norris’ fingernails and Mr. T’s mohawk… We pitty da fool’ that doesn’t protect their gear with this sleek and portable bag GATKU G78 Polespear Bag.
Perfect for your GATKU DinnerGetter Package and all your accessories to go with it!

Equipped with PALS (universal webbing system) throughout to attach smaller Gatku Accessory Bags and 3rd party MOLLE modular-accessories of endless variety.

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