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Crabs of the Pacific Northwest (Field Guide)


The Crabs of the Pacific Northwest Field Guide is a fantastic resource. Learn the common crab species of our local waters with fantastic images and informative written descriptive details. Crabs can be found in abundance along the shorelines from Oregon to BC throughout many different environments. Keep this portable field guide handy on trips to the seashore. Identify over forty species of crabs and hermit crabs in all shapes and sizes. Discover the differences between the Butterfly Crab and the Puget Sound King Crab and learn how to distinguish between male and female crabs. With full-colour photographs featuring both dorsal and ventral views, and accompanied by descriptive text for easy identification. A Field Guide to Crabs of the Pacific Northwest is an ideal companion for curious beachgoers of all ages.

If you are freedive harvesting crabs, this guide is a very helpful resource. Not only for identification purposes but also information on size, gendering and behaviour.

This multi-page, laminated, folding Field Guide makes a fantastic addition to your dive kit for any occasion.

Title: A Field Guide to Crabs of the Pacific Northwest
Authors: Gregory C. Jensen
Publisher: Harbour Publishing

Importance of Books and Field Guides for all (Especially Harvesters and Spearfishers):

Having local species knowledge of the creatures within the waters we explore and an understanding of the local environments we visit allows us a greater experience beneath the surface. Be it for freediving, snorkelling, spearfishing or scuba diving reasons, anyone can benefit from the knowledge in these books and field guides in supporting the enjoyment of your next underwater adventure.

As Freedive-Harvesters and Spearfishers it’s important to remember the importance and power that knowledge gives you. Knowing your target species. Knowing how to differentiate species. Understanding species life cycles and the relationships they have with the environments in which they live. All of these pieces of information are the base and foundation of the knowledge a true Sustainable and Ethical Harvester possesses.


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