Selective in our gear and selective in our harvest. Spearfishing Canada aims to provide you with the right gear for your needs. Owned and operated locally by avid freedivers/spearos based out of Vancouver Island, BC. Through our combined knowledge, our in water experience with the products we provide, and our passion for the lifestyle, we will get you in the right gear for your needs.

Chris Adair

Freedive Pro

Through owning and operating Bottom Dwellers Freediving and his experience and knowledge earned by countless hours hunting, harvesting and instructing has been able to contribute to the growth of the local freediving and spearfishing community.

Mick Sheinberg


A.K.A “Mick from HtO Surfshop,” with his decades of retail experience has significantly contributed to the regrowth of spearfishing as a category in BC underwater sports since 2011.

Iwan Williams


Co-Owner of Whistle Buoy Brewing Company and Founder of Esk Capital, with his love for the water, his sharp spear and sharp pencil keeps the fish in the freezer and the numbers just slightly out of the red.

Local. Authentic. Experienced. Professional.

Established in June 2020 but rooted in the freediving and spearfishing community in Canada for nearly a decade. Spearfishing Canada will provide you with the service and products you’re after. Selective in our gear. Selective in our harvest. Selective in our ways.

Community Partners

Spearfishing Canada prides itself on being an active member of the community. We believe this stretches beyond
freediving and spearfishing. We believe community is what makes us thrive. By supporting one another, we are also supporting our
shared goals of sustaining the natural ecosystem. We have partnered with like-minded groups to ensure our local waters are supported both in
and out of the wetsuit. If you would like to partner with us, please shoot us an email at

@spearfishingcanada on Instagram #spearfishingcanada