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Getting Ready To Dive In

It is more than just gear that gets you out there when you begin harvesting and hunting underwater on one breath. You need a respect for the ocean and the risks associated with what we do as underwater hunters. Before you even entertain going on a shopping spree and loading up with flashy gear, there are a few things you should be asking yourself...

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Hypoxia in the Community: Episode 1 – Blackout

Be sure to read the 'Prologue' of our "Hypoxia in the Community Series" to set the scene for the accounts told by our local community members and their experiences with hypoxic events... Without skipping a beat, Brad lays flat, takes a peak inhale and drops to the reef to hunt. He pokes around a bit and is feeling great on bottom. He can’t see/find the fish and decides to ascend. Brad gives an okay signal on the way up, hits the surface, starts going through his recovery breaths, then “whoooomph!”… peripheral collapses.

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Foraging from the sea: Thinking Sustainably, Acting Ethically

Ethical and sustainable harvesting begins with the education and knowledge to support the choices that lead to the end game you are desiring to achieve. Making decisions in the hunt that will promote the long term health of the reefs from which we are harvesting drives the mindset of most freedive harvesters, especially of those who can truly identify as sustainable and ethical hunters. This title isn’t earned by owning a speargun alone.

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