Selective In Our Gear.
Selective In Our Harvest.

Spearfishing Canada is an online Freediving and Spearfishing retailer with a focus on supplying the highest quality brands which we rely upon ourselves.

Beneath The Liquid Curtain.

Spearfishing Canada is a collective identity and belief which invites any and all aquatic enthusiasts to share in the adventure of freediving and spearfishing throughout Canadian waters. We are based within the Canadian Pacific Northwest where we do the majority of our diving, but our ethos is supporting all Canadians in their underwater pursuits.

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Deep Culture.

Canadian Freediving and Spearfishing has evolved drastically over the last decade. We have seen changes throughout the sport in accessibility and equipment development, supported by increased knowledge, education and techniques that continually evolve the sport as we know it.

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Getting Ready To Dive In

It is more than just gear that gets you out there when you begin harvesting and hunting underwater on one breath. You need a respect for the ocean and the risks associated with what we do as underwater hunters […]

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Hypoxia In The Community: Prologue

The purpose of this blog post isn’t to give you a full lesson on the science behind hypoxic events as there is a lot of great instructional material, programs and courses out there that fulfill that need […]

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Foraging From The Sea: Thinking Sustainably, Acting Ethically

Ethical and sustainable harvesting begins with the education and knowledge to support the choices that lead to the end game you are desiring to achieve […]

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